Your Website CAN Soar Like an Eagle!

Your Website CAN Soar Like an Eagle!

Your Website CAN Soar Like an Eagle!

In today’s world of endless information on the internet, your website is your number one, 24/7 resource for existing and new potential customers to learn about your company’s products and services.  It also provides credibility, as well as a means of communicating with your target audience. Like many business owners know, updating your website can be a challenging, but worthwhile investment.  Have you ever visited a website that had a broken links, a wrong address, dead email, or out of service phone number on it?  Or perhaps you’ve seen websites with old events and news stories that have been done and over years ago?  What were your thoughts about that company?  To me, if a company doesn’t take the time to update their own website, how are they going to provide exceptional service to me as a customer?  Having an up-to-date, dynamic website adds credibility and value to your business, as well as increased relevancy for both the search engines and your new and existing customers.

By frequently updating your website it not only provides a fresh look for your customers, it will also improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.  This means search engines will index the pages of your website more often, increasing your rank and position on a search engine like Google.  This can help creates more traffic to your website because more potential customers will be able to find your website. While SEO is another topic, for a future blog, it’s important to mention it here.

Finding the time and right platform or partner to help regularly update your website can be tough, but with a little planning and these easy update ideas, your website will soar like an eagle!

• Add recent events.  Write about recent events including project updates, new products, coupons or specials, industry news and company updates such as new or promoted staff members.

• Social media.  If your business has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube profile, you can set your website up automatically to display your social media content.  Adding sharing and “Follow Us” buttons with links on your website is another easy and effective way to get visitors to share or like content right from your webpage.  Search engines like Google are monitoring how valuable your social media content is which adds to the increasing your websites ranking.

• Blogging.  A blog is one of the most crucial elements to aid in updating the content of your website. Each time you post a blog, it can be indexed by the search engines. The more indexed pages your website has, the higher your relevancy will be with the search engines. It can also help position your company as a thought-leader in your industry.  Blogs are a valuable resource for visitors to learn more about your industry and company’s services.  They are a great way to develop trust and readership, which can translate into future sales.

• Providing free resources and information.  As an expert in your field you can offer valuable information to your customers for free without hurting your business.  Examples of this include a newsletter sign up, offering free tips in a blog, or a free download like an eBook or checklist.  By adding offers tied to a submission form on your website, you will be able to convert your visitors into leads. Once you have leads, you can nurture them via e-Mail marketing into future customers.

Website updates, maintenance, and management is a constant work in progress.  Sometimes you need a little help to get things done.  Flair Marketing Group can help you get the most from your website by posting new photos, adding updates, and providing calls-to-action on your website. I can also provide content and postings for your social media accounts to generate excitement and brand awareness for your company. Learn more about my services, or contact me today to make your website SOAR like an EAGLE!