Nurture Your Leads and Grow Your Business!

Nurture Your Leads and Grow Your Business!

Nurture Your Leads and Grow Your Business!

Lead nurturing is a very important step for any business to help your contacts through the process of their buying decision. Most often, if a potential customer is willing to give you their email address and contact information, they are interested in the products and services you are offering. But how do you get them to become a paying customer? Through email marketing, many companies are successfully converting their leads into paying customers. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to keep in touch, offer special deals to help close the sale, and stay connected with your leads and existing customers.

Creating a well-thought out email newsletter or offer will allow your customers to learn more about your company and what you have to offer.  You only have a few seconds to gain the attention of a potential customer in the email, so developing a well thought out, successful campaign can help you convert leads to new customers and retain current customers.  By utilizing your company blog, you can share valuable information with your audience, and when you combine that with compelling offers in your email for your product or service, converting leads to sales is as easy as hitting the send button!

Here are some of the benefits of email marketing:


By using an email marketing service such as, Constant Contact, you can segment your leads and customers into different lists and personalize email campaigns based on interest.  This allows you to customize and target specific content for specific customers.  You can also merge your recipient’s names in the email for an added personal touch.

Wide reach

As an evolving business, there are going to be many times that you have a new service or product you need to promote.  Promoting through email marketing allows you to click a button to let ALL of your customers and prospects know about it.  Creating a company newsletter instantly provides updates to virtually unlimited amounts of leads and customers in an instant.

Cost effective

When sending a printed brochure or newsletter you have to pay for printing and paper costs along with postage.  With email newsletters (depending on your service) you can pay one monthly fee and send as many emails as you need to.  It’s important not to send too many, but testing your list will help you determine what your email list tolerance will be.


You can see who opened your email and who clicked on links within the email to see what engaged your readers the most.  It will also give you insight as to what day of the week and time of the day is optimal for your recipients. You will be able to hone in on the right information and time to mail your contacts, and compare your results with average industry results. The return on your investment (ROI) is easy to determine. When you combine coupons or offers in your email, that will also help with knowing how affecting your email marketing campaigns are, which is sometimes difficult to determine with more traditional marketing methods.

As you can see there are many benefits to utilizing email marketing to nurture your leads and grow your business. But, if you have questions, or need help getting started, I’m here to help. Just contact me and I can help you produce a successful email marketing campaign or help you get set up to work on it on your own.  Need more information? Visit my website and learn more about my effective marketing solutions for your business! And now, through August 26, 2016 I have a special deal on Constant Contact email marketing solutions. Sign up today!

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